SE-IS Intensive Scourer​

It eliminates the dust, the arista and beards from the kernels furthermore, it crumbles insects and detaches empty kernels and lumps of mud. An intensive friction and rubbing action between the kernels, the cover and the paddle type beaters will reduce the bacterial potential in the flour.
Working Principle
- The grain is intensively rubbed and pressed between the screen and itself by using a horizontal rotor. In the meantime the following processes occur because of intensive friction is generated:
- The grain is pressed and rubbed against each other
- The grain is pressed and rubbed by rotor
- fitted wings
- The grain is rubbed by an abrasive screen
- The machine is driven by a belt
- pulley combination and it can be used with any type of air canal and tarar.
Features & Advantages
- Low energy consumption and high efficiency
- Regular grain spreading by using vibrating feeder
- Adjustment possibility of regular air supply due to wide duct opening - Durability and long lifetime
- Minimum maintenance, practical and easy cleaning possibility
- Connection possibility to central ventilation system
- Installation possibility with or without separator
Applications Fields
- At food industry;
- Flour and semolina mills
- Wheat, oats, rye, corn-cleaning plants
- Grain storage silos

- Electrically welded steel sheet structure
- Statically balanced rotor with 8 rods duly screwed and provided with a set of paddle type beaters arranged in diagonal
- Shaft fitted onto double row barrel roller bearings and supporting elements with internal labyrinth seals
- Special sheet steel cover with triangular pocket shaped perforations - Large doors for easy maintenance operations of cove
Technical Passport
Technical Passport
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Visual Catalog
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