Flour Factory Electrical Automation

The most important factor that places us on the top of the quality of our service.
Among the most important factors letting us reach the peak are our organization that can support the weight of the concept - trust - in flour and feed machinery industries and also our high - quality services.

Electricity project drawings of low-tension and compensation systems of flour and feed mills; designing and manufacturing of MCC panels; designing and manufacturing of compensation panels; PCL programming and SCADA software; assembly and connection of field cable trays; computer troubleshooting and program installations; set-up and provision, assembly and test of electric and electronic equipment of all manufactured machinery; repair, maintenance and upkeep of atelier electrical faults (such as hand tools, energy transmission lines, CNS and other machine tools etc.), forming only the small part of tasks assumed by our automation unit, provide continuance in manufacturing facilities.
Company Identification
SEDİROGLU Automation Department projects automation system applications of flour, feed factory machines in line with today’s conditions and implements, and installs the same on turnkey basis.

The department works on designing a machine that needs revision in accordance with current conditions, increasing efficiency in production and improving the facilities
Main Application
PLC controlled machine panels,
Industrial automation panels,
PLC and HMI programming, software, design and commissioning services,
Machine revision procedures,
Machine automation systems,
Machine production-monitoring automation,
Servo and step motor integration,
Operations on machine production and increasing efficiency,
Energy monitoring and control automation,
Potential problems are eliminated early in the preliminary design phase by understanding the requirements of the customers, creating quality solutions with optimum costs for these requirements and then designing and detailing these solutions
Our installation and commissioning team, which consists of expert specialists in their disciplines, make it possible for the customers to start production as soon as possible by performing exact installation and commissioning of the projects in a shortest time.
Performing electronic installation of MCC panels, compensation panels, machine PLC panels and various types of distribution panels, our firm proceeds its way with the quality of materials used in the project and its experienced staff in the application process.
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